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We Catholics have a lot of doctrines. (It’s one of the things people criticize us for). In this edition of Catholic Answers Live, I answer questions about the reasoning behind the doctrines we Catholics believe.

Questions Covered:

  • 14:31 – Why do we have Masses said for people who were given last rites? Also, have you heard the idea that praying for someone in Heaven could get them into a higher level of Heaven?
  • 23:52 – If you have a marriage outside the Catholic Church, why does it still have to be annulled? Isn’t is not a sacrament?
  • 34:50 – What gives the Catholic Church the authority to change the day of the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday?
  • 46:16 – I didn’t know Catholics teach predestination, what is the difference between the Catholic view and the Calvinist view?

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