Why God Still Matters

Have you noticed how some of the New Atheists don’t even bother trying to disprove God’s existence? Your arguments in favor of God don’t even deserve a reply, they say, because not only does God not exist—he doesn’t even...

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Heaven: A Destiny Worth Living For

In this talk, I dispel the boring cultural image of Heaven as clouds with baby cherubs playing harps and explain Jesus’ revelation of Heaven as an experience of perfect love, joy, and excitement through fellowship with God and with every member of the Mystical Body of...

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The Splendor of Hope in the Valley of Tears

St. Paul writes in Colossians 1:24, “I rejoice in my sufferings.” But how can Paul rejoice in suffering? This seems absurd to the mind of modern man. In this talk, I set out to identify in light of the Christian Faith what might have given Paul reason to rejoice and...

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The Historical Jesus: Emmanuel or Mere Prophet?

In this talk, Karlo addresses the modern myths that constitute skepticism toward Jesus, such as "Jesus was merely a great prophet and his divinity is an exaggerated claim of the early Church," and "The resurrection of Jesus was simply made up by the early church and...

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The Sacrament of Reconciliation: Catholic & Biblical

In this talk, Karlo takes on the common mentality among both Catholics and Protestants alike that one does not need to confess one's sins to a priest but can go straight to God.  Using Sacred Scripture, Karlo demonstrates with great clarity both the explicit and...

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