Biblical Resurrection Reports are not “Hopelessly Contradictory”

Agnostic New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman says that we can’t trust the Gospels in their reports about Jesus’ resurrection. His basic argument is that the Gospels are “hopelessly contradictory” (The Historical Jesus). In his 2006 debate with William Lane Craig, Ehrman gives what I see as five discrepancies that he thinks support his claim. I will deal with each below. …

Why Jesus’ Resurrection is Not Borrowed from Pagan Myths

Skeptics will argue that Jesus’ resurrection is just one more instance of the dying-and-rising-god motif prevalent in the religions of the ancient Near East. The Scottish social anthropologist James Frazer popularized this motif in his 1890 book The Golden Bough: A Study in Comparative Religion. The idea continued in modern skeptic circles, as the popular film Zeitgeist has shown. Skeptics …

Is Jesus a Myth?

If Jesus is just a myth, as many skeptics assert, then Christianity is false. It’s that simple! In this episode of “Ready Reasons” I explain how we can know that Jesus was a real historical person. A first step for many on their way to belief in God. Audio Download

How Can God Stand At His Own Right Hand? (Acts 7:56)

The Bible says in Acts 7:56 that the Son stands at the right hand of God. How can the Son and the Father be two distinct persons but yet one God? Check out this video clip from a previous edition of Catholic Answers Live for my answer. Audio Download