Three Simple Ways to Show Contradictions in the Mormon Belief of God

You’re at the park playing with your kids and two conservatively dressed young men are riding their bikes nearby, and you immediately recognize they are Mormon. Thoughts start whizzing through your mind: I hope they don’t come here. If they do, what will I say? Should I engage? I’m trying to spend time with my kids! Sure enough, they approach your …

Do We Really Need to Sell Everything to Follow Jesus?

Jesus tells the rich young man in Matthew 19 to sell everything he has and follow him. Does this apply to everyone that wants to be a disciple of Jesus? Check out this video clip from Catholic Answers Live for my answer. Audio Download

Back to School in Today’s Social Climate

What is intellectual evangelization? What can we do to prepare our children as they go back to school and face the challenges of our modern social climate? Listen as I answer these questions with the Morning Glory team on EWTN radio. Audio Download    

How to Make Disciples: A Reflection on Peter’s Pentecost Sermon

In this interview, I talk with Bruce and Jen from Spirit Catholic Radio about Peter’s first sermon on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2 and the conversions that ensued. Audio Download

Catholics & the New Evangelization (Series)

To purchase one or all of these talks in this series in dvd or audio format, please contact us at Talk 1 of 3:  Answering the Call to Evangelization – In this talk, Karlo lays out some of the basic principles for Evangelization.  He first answers the question, “What is Evangelization,” and then gives an explanation of the Gospel with …