Is Jesus a Myth?

If Jesus is just a myth, as many skeptics assert, then Christianity is false. It’s that simple! In this episode of “Ready Reasons” I explain how we can know that Jesus was a real historical person. A first step for many on their way to belief in God. Audio Download

Do We Really Need to Sell Everything to Follow Jesus?

Jesus tells the rich young man in Matthew 19 to sell everything he has and follow him. Does this apply to everyone that wants to be a disciple of Jesus? Check out this video clip from Catholic Answers Live for my answer. Audio Download

How Can God Stand At His Own Right Hand? (Acts 7:56)

The Bible says in Acts 7:56 that the Son stands at the right hand of God. How can the Son and the Father be two distinct persons but yet one God? Check out this video clip from a previous edition of Catholic Answers Live for my answer. Audio Download

Why Hell is not Incompatible with an All-Good God

Questions surrounding the Doctrine of Hell are often an obstacle to people who are learning about the Catholic faith. In this Ready Reasons video I discuss why the Doctrine of Hell and an all-good God don’t contradict each other, but rather go hand in hand. Audio Download