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Questions Covered:

  • 06:15 – When Catholics pray to the Virgin Mary, I’m wondering how it ties in to “having no graven images”? Why do Catholics pray to Mary?
  • 14:07 – Can you clarify the “teaching” regarding the atonement not including physical healings of people? What is the Catholic position on this?
  • 23:27 – I had a vasectomy. The Church teaches against it? How can I return to become a Catholic?
  • 31:05 – Jesus told his apostles that he no longer calls them slaves, but now he calls them friends. How can I come to understand that the God of the universe can call us friends and wants a personal relationship when his power and love is so vast we find it hard to grasp. Can you help me understand how I am a “friend” and yet a son of the Most High?
  • 37:55 – What does the Bible teach about same-sex relationships in young children who have identity issues?
  • 52:26 – When we die, if we’re Catholic, we have to stand in judgment for all of our sins. If someone is not Catholic, do they go right to heaven since they don’t have to go to confession? Will they still be held accountable for their sins? Will they go to Purgatory?

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