Karlo Broussard is to be commended for his effective ministry in apologetics and evangelization. His presentations at our men’s conference were a highlight of our day, and a source of ongoing blessing to our local church!

Bishop David D. Kagan

Bishop, Diocese of Bismarck

Karlo is a truly outstanding speaker who has a mastery of the material on faith and science. He prepares well, delivers well, and is quite energetic. I highly endorse him.

Fr. Robert Spitzer

Founder and President, The Magis Center

Karlo is intelligent, on fire, and authentic. I love this dude and can only imagine what would have happened to me if I heard him speak back in my agnostic days. He’s the real deal. I’m thankful to almighty God for his service to the Church.

Matt Fradd

Catholic Apologist and Speaker

Karlo Broussard is a fantastic apologist who is able to present difficult thought in a clear and easy to understand way. Highly recommended!

Scott Sullivan

Catholic Apologist and Speaker , Classical Theist Productions

When looking for a Catholic speaker, you want someone who is smart, clear, engaging, and persuasive. Karlo can check all of those boxes. He’s studied under some of the greatest Catholic apologists of our time and has absorbed the best from each of them. He masterfully explains the Faith in simple and digestible ways without dumbing it down. He’ll leave your audience inspired, confident, and thoroughly fulfilled. If you have the chance to bring Karlo to your event, make it happen!

Brandon Vogt

Content Director at Word on Fire Catholic Ministries , Word on Fire

Karlo Broussard is one of those rare presenters who combines both an extensive knowledge of the topics he presents and an energetic and enthusiastic presentation style. He has an uncanny ability to take complex topics and make them understandable for the average Catholic in the pew. Priceless!

Tim Staples

Director of Apologetics , Catholic Answers

If you want a speaker to light up your crowd with a rare mix of Cajun charm and serious theology chops, I recommend apologist Karlo Broussard. As few presenters can, Karlo effectively bridges the head and the heart!

Patrick Coffin

Catholic Author and Speaker

Karlo Broussard has a first-rate mind coupled with a deep desire to know the foundational truths of the Faith. Many apologists simply cite Scripture passages superficially without understanding the deeper relationship among the truths revealed in the Word of God. Karlo tries to penetrate more deeply into the principles which underlie God’s revelation. More than that, he has ardently sought to understand the relation between God’s revelation made through creation and God’s revelation made through His Word, Jesus Christ.
Fr. Sebastian Walshe, O. Praem.

Professor of Philosophy, Abbey of St. Michael - Diocese of Orange, California

Karlo has a wonderful knack for mining the best gems of the Catholic intellectual tradition and recovering them for his audience in bite-size, completely accessible terms. I particularly love his articles on sexual ethics, chastity, and natural law. They are a breath of fresh air for a world that has lost its sanity and common sense on the meaning and purpose of human sexuality.

Paul Gondreau, S.T.D.

Professor of Theology, Providence College

Karlo Broussard is without a doubt one of the most dynamic, intelligent, and articulate expositors and defenders of the Catholic faith in the Church today. With his great wealth of knowledge and boundless energy, Karlo inspires and equips his audiences to know, explain, and defend the one true Faith with the zeal and enthusiasm of the first apostles. It gives me great pleasure to recommend this gifted apologist to you!

Hector Molina

CEO , Casting Nets Ministries, Inc.

Karlo Broussard is part of the wave of new Catholic apologist rushing to the new evangelization battle lines in the service of holy Mother Church. He has a gift of making complex Catholic teachings understandable. His style of speaking is inspirational, engaging and focused like a laser. He is a born Catholic leader who engages in apologetics not to win arguments but to win souls. Karlo loves to defend & explain Catholic truth, only because he is in love with author of truth!

Jess Romero

Catholic Evangelist

In a world full of internet apologists and blogger theologians, Karlo stands out as a man with the heart of a southern preacher, and the mind of a scholarly presenter. He brings both the facts and the fire!

Doug Beaumont

Author and Speaker

Karlo Broussard is a gifted and inspiring Catholic apologist who motivates his audience to actively pursue a greater knowledge of their faith and to live it in a spirit of humility and total reliance on God!

Fr. James Kelleher, SOLT

Crusader for Eucharistic Family Rosary , Eucharistic Family Rosary Crusade

Karlo Broussard’s charisma alone will leave you yearning for more. This man is on fire. I for one, can hardly wait until I see him again. Bravo, Karlo, Bravo!

Kerry Beck

Marketing Manager , Catholic Answers

Karlo is a master apologist and speaker. His zeal for and knowledge of the Catholic faith is obvious in his intellect, humor and wit. He is the ideal speaker for you upcoming parish mission, keynote or workshop!

TJ Burdick

Founder , AsYouWishMedia

Karlo is one of the world’s leading Catholic apologists not just because of what he knows but because of how he leads. Anyone interested in the truth, but I think young men in particular, will discover a winsome, convincing, and galvanizing voice in Karlo Broussard. I regularly employ his segments from Catholic Answers in my own personal evangelization efforts.

Joey Gloor

Producer , Word on Fire Catholic Ministries