Karlo Broussard’s talks were clear, precise, articulate and systematic. I came away with concepts, principles and ways to approach others about my faith with good sound reasoning. What I liked most is that he tackles hard core subjects and breaks them down for you so that you can understand them. He then equips you with ways to use these principles to talk to others. Karlo makes a whole lot of sense in this very confusing world where rationality seems to be thrown out.

Patrick DeLorenzo

Pastoral Associate for Faith Formation , Sacred Heart Parish - Saratoga, CA

We at St. Peter’s Cathedral were blessed to have Karlo Broussard come and speak to our youth about chastity. His talk was both interactive and powerful. It opened the youth’s eyes to see what God’s plan is for them as opposed to what the world teaches. The youth enjoyed it and learned a lot. We look forward to having Karlo come to our church again one day and talk about a different topic.

Fr. Simon Esshaki

Pastor , St. Peter's Chaldean Catholic Church in El Cajon, CA

We were most grateful to Karlo Broussard for his willingness to step in at the last minute as the keynote presenter at our diocesan men’s conference, after our scheduled presenter couldn’t make it. Karlo was easy to work with, and his authenticity and charisma as a Catholic speaker were very well received at our conference. The men were impressed and inspired!

Keven Wanner

Director , Office of Faith Formation, Diocese of Bismarck

Karlo has spoken several times at our church, each time presenting interesting and thought-provoking ideas with both intellectual precision and contagious enthusiasm. His fan club continues to grow as he takes on challenging topics and presents them with grace and compassion. We keep looking for opportunities to bring him back.

Adam Curtis

Deacon , Ascension Catholic Church - San Diego, CA

Our Catholic business group invited Karlo Broussard to speak at our monthly breakfast.  He made the bold claim that the Gospels are the most reliable historical documents in all of ancient literature, and supported that assertion with the scholarly precision and entertaining style necessary to keep his breakfast audience enthused and engaged.  For those scheduling speakers, be assured that Catholic Answers is very easy to work with, and communication was never a problem.  Karlo Broussard is highly recommended.
Jeremy McNeil

Director , Catholic Business Prayer Group

We were thrilled to host Karlo Broussard for a talk about saints at Google HQ on All Saints’ Day. Karlo is a dynamic speaker who gave a compelling defense of the Catholic practice of asking for the saints’ intercession to a mixed audience of Catholics and non-Catholics. His passion for apologetics keeps the audience engaged and we hope to bring him back again!

Melissa Kuo

Director of Catholic Googlers , Google

With a group ranging from seniors to high school students, including some with science degrees, Karlo held the attention of all present without talking down to anyone. He inspired many parents present with a greater confidence to speak to their children who struggle with the myth that science has explained away the need for God.  For me it was encouraging to hear the topic of faith and science presented with clarity to a popular audience.  I recommend Karlo to any pastor or faith formation director.

Fr. Phil Bloom

Pastor, St. Mary of the Valley in Monroe, WA

Karlo was spellbinding as young college minds heard for the first time the Truth about Who is the author of all that is. He spoke throughout in what writers describe as “active voice” never breaking thoughts and speaking clearly and masterfully on such a lofty subject matter. His cogent linear portrayals reveal this mastery!

Christopher M. Schiavo

Owner , The Shepherd and Knucklehead Pub and Steakhouse in Haledon, New Jersey

When you take a great and timely message and couple it with a tremendous messenger, good things are going to happen.  Karlo Broussard led us in an excellent ½ day session explaining Fr. Spitzer’s book New Proofs for the Existence of God.  The discussion includes some elegant science and philosophy, but Karlo keeps the discussion at a comfortable level so that almost anyone can understand!

Greg Fazzari

Physics Teacher , DeSales Catholic High in Walla Walla, WA

I was truly impressed with Karlo and his presentation. His enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge captivated the audience, which was not an easy task, since we had our high school students present and older parishioners. He was able to relate to both groups. Using examples and rational arguments, I believe he truly helped those in attendance to be able to better defend their faith in an age of unbelief!

Fr. Bill Melancon

Pastor , Our Lady of Perpetual Help in New Iberia, LA

After booking Catholic Speakers for 15 years, I was quite surprised with my experience in inviting Karlo. Not only did he deliver the Catholic Faith in a reasonable, clear, and engaging way, but he also kept a servant’s heart throughout the entire process. I could tell that speaking was not an occupation for him, but a vocation as he follows God’s Will for his life. I would book him again in a heartbeat. In fact, I will have him back next year.

We live in an age where people can find a ready answer to any question they would ask. Sometimes the questions that make the biggest difference in our lives are the ones we never think to ask. Most of those who attended Karlo’s session had the same feedback. They never knew the Catholic Faith had so much depth and they wanted to know more. This is exactly what I look for in a speaker. I don’t want my parishioners to go to a presentation and have all their questions answered. I want to see that light in their eyes as they discover a depth of riches in the Catholic Faith that they know will take a lifetime to discover. This is exactly what happened when Karlo came, and why I am having him back again.

We all want the same thing for our parishes. We want our people to know the beauty of the Catholic Faith and how much God loves them. We see the hunger in their eyes Sunday after Sunday as they search for meaning in their life, as they search for God. We booked Karlo because we wanted someone we could trust to share God’s Word with us, to provide gateway into 2000 years of our Catholic Faith. Not only did our parishioners enjoy being fed by Karlo, they found a meaning in their life that they wanted to share with others. Within 5 minutes after the presentation ended, several had formed a group to bring Karlo back next year and get as many people there as possible.

Adam Conque

Director of Evangelization and Communication , Cathedral of St. John in Lafayette, LA

All of our parishioners that attended Karlo’s talk loved it and expressed how all needed to hear Mr. Broussard’s presentation, especially the youth and young adults!

Debbie Miller

Direct of Religious Education , St. Anne's in Youngsvile, LA

Karlo Broussard gave a high energy dynamic presentation which easily kept the attention of all.  My parishioners and I thought Karlo’s presentation was excellent.  Hours later, I was still reflecting on what he said!

Fr. Jared Suire

Vicar for Priests, Diocese of Lafayette, LA

Karlo’s talk  “Helpers on High: A Biblical Defense of the Saints’ Intercessions” was very clear in the delivery. He used Thomistic Philosophy and Theology, and brought it down to a level of understanding with humor and wit. All who attended the talk left with a better understanding of the beauty and role of all of the saints in heaven, and the tools to defend our friends and helpers on high.

Sr. Nikopoia

Director of Faith Formation, Our Lady of Peace - Santa Clara, CA

We thoroughly enjoyed Karlo’s talk on the 4 levels of Happiness, Suffering, and the Eternal Perspective. Mr. Broussard has a forceful way of speaking to capture the attention of his audience and teaches with such clarity as to help the listener connect all the dots.  May God bless him to continue his ministry!

Linda Norman Ledet

Parishioner , St. Mary Magdalen in Abbeville, LA

I would like to express my gratitude for Karlo’s wonderful talk!  His presentation was outstanding and drew many compliments from parishioners.  His delivery was very enthusiastic, passionate and clear! We are very interested in having him return in the future.” May The Lord continue to inspire him in this very important work!

Ashton Mouton

Director of Evangelization , St. Piux X in Lafayette, LA

Karlo’s knowledge of science, philosophy, and theology led our resident astrophysicist, our resident mathematician, and our Director of Religious Education to all agree, “He hit out the park.” We will definitely work to bring Karlo back to our parish1

Christopher A. Massarotti

Parishioner , St. Francis of Assisi in Longmont, CO

Karlo’s presentation was extremely insightful and entertaining. His presentation style bleeds excitement supported with knowledge. If you take away the first, the second at times is irrelevant. After much reading on the topic of faith and science, it was nice to have someone explain this topic with a different set of lenses on. Here is the best way to judge his masterful performance: the non-believer in the room couldn’t argue with anything he said, but more importantly I didn’t want to!

Peter Matte

Agnostic , Plano, TX

My evaluation of Karlo’s presentations at the Alaska Catholic Youth Conference is simple. I give him my highest endorsement and I hope he will be coming back to ACYC in the future. The culture has convinced the masses that people need to make a choice between the faith and science. Karlo did a great job of explaining why this is not true in a fun and energetic way. The youth who commented on Karlo’s presentations in their evaluations were very positive. The following quote from one of the youth about sums it up: amazing, amazing, amazing!

Bob McMorrow

ACYC Coordinator , Anchorage, AK

Karlo’s presentation was amazing.  His enthusiasm and charisma were definitely infectious but I was most impressed with his absolute command of the content. His presentation helped me to truly grasp the main arguments of in the domain of faith and science and begin to even understand some of the finer points. He did an outstanding job making this material approachable for the average layman. I am also grateful for all of the extra time he took to speak to everybody both before and after the presentation including myself. I pray that God will continue to use the wonderful gifts that He has so obviously blessed him with. This type of ministry is so desperately needed right now.

Ty Jackson

Seminar Attendee , Plano, TX

Karlo Broussard presented a very thought provoking and stimulating talk on the relationship between science and faith. He challenged our students to think critically about the many current issues related to science. Many students connected to this style of Intellectual evangelization evidenced by the fact that they stayed behind to ask Karlo even more questions!

Gary Sullivan

Department Chair of Theology , Damien High School in La Verne, CA

I just wanted to thank Karlo for his dynamic and informative presentation at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Plano, TX. It really was a pleasure to have a well-formed Catholic who is able to articulate the Faith in a way that is accessible to young adults. We had so many compliments on his talk “Science: A Believer’s Friend or Foe?”. Even from those who were unfamiliar with the material. I look forward to the next opportunity to bring him back to the Dallas area.  May God bless him and his ministry.

Joshua Schwartz

Director of Young Adult Ministry , Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Plano, TX

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Broussard’s presentation on the Four Levels of Manhood at the Second Annual Sonoma County Catholic Men’s Conference. He was the first speaker and I can confidently say that this was the very best start to a men’s conference I have ever see His presentation was extremely well done and enthusiastically received and praised by all the attendees I spoke with. I highly recommend Mr. Broussard for any men’s conference and especially how he opened our conference. Thank you!!”

Davie Ruiz

Men's Conference Attendee , Santa Rosa, CA

I was so inspired by Karlo’s talk on God’s existence and overcome with excitement that I could not stop speaking to others about his talk.  I very much appreciate his clarity and enthusiasm. Where do you find genuine enthusiasm, intelligence and the ability to communicate?  Karlo!”

David Castlen

Parish Mission Attendee , Wellington, FL

Karlo’s talk on proofs for God’s existence was excellent. The material and the examples that he gave the congregation were just excellent. I hope to articulate the truth of God one day as well as him. What is clear is his passion for the subject matter and for Our Lord Jesus Christ. He is a living example of passion for Christ. He has a “great mind” and has much to offer the People of God. I would highly recommend him returning to our parish or any other parish. I think he is a mighty instrument of God!

Bob Rodriguez

Deacon, St. Therese de Lisieux in Wellington, FL

Karlo’s presentation was energetic, intelligent, pastoral and overall he is a good presenter. I would have him back!

Fr. Brian Lehnart

Pastor , St. Therese de Lisieux in Wellington, FL

Karlo’s presentation was very well received. He displayed great energy from start to finish. His ability to “paint a picture” is outstanding. We would very much like to have him back to the Parish for another presentation. I am grateful for all his energy and passion in Christ!

Pete De Valle

Deacon , St. Therese de Lisieux in Wellington, FL

I thought Karlo did a fine job presenting a very difficult topic on the reality of God. His passion for the subject material was clearly evident and was greatly appreciated by the people I spoke to after his presentation. While I know the attendees struggled to grasp his explanation on the proofs for God’s existence in the first half of his talk (who doesn’t?), the portion on the transcendental qualities we possess pointing to God (i.e. our inner “metric” of perfect love or perfect justice used to evaluate relationships) resonated with many. Nicely done!!

Fr. James Flanagan

Associate Pastor , St. Therese de Lisieux in Wellington, FL

I can’t thank Karlo enough for our two-day Advent mission. We at St. Augustine’s Catholic Church were nourished both spiritually and intellectually with Karlo’s engaging presentations. He distilled very difficult topics into an easy to follow format. We now feel more equipped to confidently bring forward the Gospel message to a secular and skeptical world. Blessings on Karlo and his ministry!

John Pope

Parish Mission Attendee , Oak Harbor, WA

Karlo’s talk,  “Science: A Believer’s Friend or Foe?” was truly an eye opener. I found Karlo’s passion for the subject matter a true breath of fresh air and very contagious – it sparked my own passion for the subject. His knowledge of the topics was as expansive as the topics themselves. As a history “buff,” I truly enjoyed Karlo’s presentation on “The Historical Jesus: Emmanuel or Mere Prophet?” I feel many Christians know Jesus from the Scriptures, but have not been exposed to the historicity of the facts of his life, including myself. I particularly was intrigued by the discussion on the New Testament manuscript reliability in relation to other “trusted” documents. Again, I thank Karlo for his passion and outstanding presentation; those in attendance were thoroughly engaged in the discussion on both nights, as was I. I hope our parish is able to have him visit again soon.

Jason Churchill

Parish Mission Attendee , Oak Harbor, WA

Karlo presented to our high school students at Divine Child on the topic of “Science: A Believer’s Friend or Foe”. The information from this presentation forced the students to think at a high level. Karlo’s authentic, engaging and enthusiastic style connected with the students right from the very beginning, and as a result, he was able to introduce them to and challenge them with an intellectual argument that will help them defend their Catholic Faith. Karlo is a must presenter for any Catholic school!

Damian Hermann

Principal , Divine Child High School in Dearborn, MI

Through Karlo Broussard’s presentation to our parish, we have a new understanding of happiness: the perfect happiness that God made us for! His clear and thoughtful style appealed to our intellect and heart. Karlo is a gracious professional who provided us with the information we needed to prepare for, and carry out this wonderful event for our parish!

Jodi Ann Micallef

Director of Education , Church of the Divine Child in Dearborn, MI

Karlo’s enthusiasm and love for God is very evident. His  evening presentation on “Finding True Happiness” was attended by over 400 people, of all ages. I never had to be concerned about Church orthodoxy or poor philosophical/theological insights. He gave wonderful insights into having a healthy relationship with the Lord. Karlo spoke with honesty, clarity and confidence. Those who were present thanked me for having him come and speak at the parish.

He also presented at two high school assemblies. His talk “Science: A Believer’s Friend or Foe?” was wonderful and engaging with the students. Karlo’s ability to disseminate information with candor, humor and intellectually is a gift. He also visited the junior and senior classrooms speaking on the philosophical evidence for God’s existence. The time was fruitful and helped our students to understand the importance of God in their lives.

To top off his world-wind tour, Karlo gave a presentation to our junior high students (7/8 grade) on “Science: A Believer’s Friend or Foe?”. The junior high students thoroughly enjoyed having Karlo speak to them. He was engaging, funny and interactive. Karlo was able to break-down the information to their intellectual ability and succeeded. When he was finished they knew that God and science are friends!

Fr. Jim Bilot

Pastor , The Church of the Divine Child in Dearborn, MI

I very much enjoyed Karlo Broussard’s presentations on God and Science. They were very informative and used recent scientific theories to discuss the possibility of the existence of an intelligent creator. His speaking style is very engaging and the students were also connecting to the subject matter. He was very easy to work with. I highly recommend him as a speaker for any high school campus ministry program!

Fr. Gregory Thompson

Chaplain , Bishop O'Connell Catholic High School in Arlington, CA

Congratulations to Karlo Broussard for his talk on God and science presented at St. John the Beloved in McLean, VA. He gave the very best presentation I have ever heard, and I am a graduate from Princeton University and the University of Virginia Law School!

Carl H. Middleton

Parish Mission Attendee , St. John the Beloved in McLean, VA

Karlo is a hero at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s parish. We’ve had so many good comments about his talk. Part of Karlo’s appeal was that he addressed current issues in a way people can’t articulate themselves!

Steve Sowle

Parish Mission Attendee , St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Carlsbad, CA

Karlo is an awesome speaker. His enthusiasm, knowledge and love for the Catholic faith is inspiring. I love hearing him teach!

Jan Fruge

Parishioner , St. Thomas More in Eunice, LA

Karlo is an awesome speaker. His enthusiasm, knowledge and love for the Catholic faith is inspiring. I love hearing him teach!

Margo Basso

2017 Catholic Answers Conference Attendee

My husband and I love listening to and watching Karlo speak. His knowledge of the Catholic Faith has enriched our lives and deepened our faith. We are grateful for all he does. May God bless him in his ministry.

Marsha Condit

Seminar Attendee, Twin Falls, ID

Karlo spoke to our moms’ group on relativism and I received nothing but positive feedback. He presented some arguments I had never heard before and made it quite clear how dangerous relativism is. I thought his line of reasoning that led to the conclusion that some people will always be dehumanized under the doctrine of moral relativism was especially jarring. We really need to hear his message and I look forward to hearing him again!


Mom, Director of Private Mom's Group

Karlo’s talks were well received and everyone was so inspired that they requested if he could come once a month to give more talks. We will be bringing him back next year for a Lenten Mission. May God Bless his ministry!

Fr. Robert Pirrone

Pastor , St. Teresa of Avila in Los Angeles, CA

I very much enjoy hearing Karlo speak. He is extremely knowledgeable and knows how to convey complex truths in an understandable way. His teaching style is very appealing, approachable, and effective in capturing the attention of his audience. I also enjoy his down to earth personality. His speaking and teaching talents have helped me grasp many truths of the Church. His commitment to Catholicism and thoughtful regard of others shines through!

Dorli Kratz

Online Viewer

I love listening to Karlo speak. He always provides a rich intellectual explanation of the faith. He is a true Thomist!

Owen Riley

Online Viewer

I love Karlo talks. They really hit home and we learn so much. He must make our Lord smile!

Janet Couvillon

Seminar Attendee, Lafayette, LA

Thank you Mr. Broussard for coming out to St. Martha Mothers & Others Ministry today! The room was at full attention because of the power and life you bring to your talk. You are passionate in the way you speak and with such great insight! Hope to have you again in the near future!

Andrea Crofut

Director , St. Martha Mothers & Others Ministry

Karlo is a very dynamic, energetic speaker. He is very easy to listen to and he backed up his Catholic claims with biblical evidence. I especially liked his organized handouts that had the biblical references.

Doris Marcantel

Parish Mission Attendee , St. Raphael Catholic Church - Iowa, LA

Karlo is a great speaker. I was so glad that I was able to attend the mission. I would love to listen to him again.

Aimee Sonier

Parish Mission Attendee , St. Raphael Catholic Church - Iowa, LA

Karlo was an extraordinary speaker. He is a humble guy with a great love and passion for his faith. Would love to hear him again!

Britanny Foreman

Parish Mission Attendee , St. Raphael Catholic Church - Iowa, LA

Karlo’s enthusiasm and energy wowed the parishioners that attended our mission. He is an awesome speaker and is great to work with! We plan to bring him back.

Vickie Melanson

Director of Religious Education , St. Raphael Catholic Church - Iowa, LA

Karlo is a very good speaker. Looking forward to having him in our parish again!

Fr. Dismas Mauk

Pastor , St. Raphael Catholic Church - Iowa, LA