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Questions Covered:

  • Can I get a Catholic understanding of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit?
  • I am getting married and my in-laws are not Catholic. How do I talk about and defend the faith without making them combative and creating a good dialogue for years to come?
  • I was debating with a Protestant recently and he said his authority comes from the word of God and no other. What is your opinion on his response?
  • Why does the God of the Old Testament seem more vengeful than the God of the New Testament? How do we reconcile the differences and say that God never changes?
  • Praying to the saints is praying to dead people. How do you explain this?
  • I am trying to explain purgatory to my Protestant friend. I use Wisdom chapter 3, but she still does not understand the concept of having to be purified. Is there a better scriptural reference that I might be able to use?
  • I understand that Mary needed to be sinless up until Jesus’ birth, but why did she need to remain sinless until death?

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