CA Live: “Do Not Judge:” Was Jesus a Relativist?

When Jesus said “Do Not Judge,” did he mean we can’t judge a person’s behavior? If not, then what did he mean? How do we know there is objective truth? How do I respond to someone that says “It’s true for you, but not for me?”  Listen to this edition of Catholic Answers Live to hear my answers. Audio Download

CA Live: Were the Apostles Bible-Only Christians?

What Bible passages do Protestants use to support Sola Scriptura? Where in the Bible is Sacred Tradition held on a par with Sacred Scripture? How do I respond to someone that thinks all they need is the Holy Spirit to interpret the Bible? Listen to this edition of Catholic Answers Live to hear my answers. Audio Download

Back to School in Today’s Social Climate

What is intellectual evangelization? What can we do to prepare our children as they go back to school and face the challenges of our modern social climate? Listen as I answer these questions with the Morning Glory team on EWTN radio. Audio Download    

How to Make Disciples: A Reflection on Peter’s Pentecost Sermon

In this interview, I talk with Bruce and Jen from Spirit Catholic Radio about Peter’s first sermon on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2 and the conversions that ensued. Audio Download