Why Does Jesus Always Call Mary Woman?

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In this video clip from a previous edition of Catholic Answers Live, I give an explanation of why Jesus calls Mary woman at the wedding feast at Cana and at the foot of the cross. Audio Download

Why Jesus’ Resurrection is Not Borrowed from Pagan Myths

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Skeptics will argue that Jesus’ resurrection is just one more instance of the dying-and-rising-god motif prevalent in the religions of the ancient Near East. The Scottish social anthropologist James Frazer popularized this motif in his 1890 book The Golden Bough: A Study in Comparative Religion. The idea continued in modern skeptic circles, as the popular film Zeitgeist has shown. Skeptics …

The Consequences of Polygamy

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Defenders of traditional marriage argue that redefining marriage to include same-sex unions undermines marital permanency (lifelong union) and exclusivity (only one spouse). If biological sex doesn’t matter, they argue, then why should duration and number? This is called a reductio ad absurdum argument. It attempts to show the absurd conclusions that legal recognition of same-sex marriage logically leads to, namely, …