The Whys of Catholic Belief

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We Catholics have a lot of doctrines. (It’s one of the things people criticize us for). In this edition of Catholic Answers Live, I answer questions about the reasoning behind the doctrines we Catholics believe. Audio Download Questions Covered: 14:31 – Why do we have Masses said for people who were given last rites? Also, have you heard the idea …

Why Does Jesus Always Call Mary Woman?

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In this video clip from a previous edition of Catholic Answers Live, I give an explanation of why Jesus calls Mary woman at the wedding feast at Cana and at the foot of the cross. Audio Download

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“Karlo’s presentation was very well received.  He displayed great energy from start to finish.  His ability to “paint a picture” is outstanding.  We would very much like to have him back to the Parish for another presentation.  I am grateful for all his energy and passion in Christ.”  

“Karlo’s talk,  “Science: A Believer’s Friend or Foe?” was truly an eye opener.  I found Karlo’s passion for the subject matter a true breath of fresh air and very contagious – it sparked my own passion for the subject.  His knowledge of the topics was as expansive as the topics themselves.  As a history “buff,” I truly enjoyed Karlo’s presentation …

Karlo was spellbinding as young college minds heard for the first time the Truth about Who is the author of all that is. He spoke throughout in what writers describe as “active voice” never breaking thoughts and speaking clearly and masterfully on such a lofty subject matter. His cogent linear portrayals reveal this mastery.