More Bible Clues for the Priesthood

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Protestants argue that there is no ministerial priesthood. Instead, they say we’re all priests. As Martin Luther did, they use 1 Peter 2:9 to support this claim: “But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s own people.” Catholics argue that a ministerial priesthood does exist in the New Covenant, apart from the priesthood of all …

Reverencing Sex For Goodness’ Sake

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What can we say to someone who refuses to acknowledge nature’s blueprint for sexual sanity? Someone who, like the character Skipper from the 2014 movie Madagascar Penguins, says, “You know what? I reject nature.” I answer that we should reverence nature’s blueprint for sex for goodness’ sake. And I don’t mean this in the idiomatic sense of expressing frustration, but …

One Way to Debunk Transgender Philosophy

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Have your kids ever peppered your phone’s intelligent personal assistant with random questions? Mine do all the time. It’s a lot a fun when we do it together—the kids get a kick out of it, especially when they start asking potty questions. Just last night we were having fun asking Siri a variety of questions, and I told my children to …

What Protestantism and the New Atheism Have in Common

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If someone asked you, “What does the New Atheism have in common with Protestantism?” you might say, “Nothing!” It would seem that devout Bible believing Christians such as Protestants would be as far away from atheists as possible. Yet there is more to this comparison than meets the eye. Protestants may not be similar to modern atheists in the content …

Biblical Resurrection Reports are not “Hopelessly Contradictory”

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Agnostic New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman says that we can’t trust the Gospels in their reports about Jesus’ resurrection. His basic argument is that the Gospels are “hopelessly contradictory” (The Historical Jesus). In his 2006 debate with William Lane Craig, Ehrman gives what I see as five discrepancies that he thinks support his claim. I will deal with each below. …

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“Karlo’s presentation was very well received.  He displayed great energy from start to finish.  His ability to “paint a picture” is outstanding.  We would very much like to have him back to the Parish for another presentation.  I am grateful for all his energy and passion in Christ.”  

“Karlo’s talk,  “Science: A Believer’s Friend or Foe?” was truly an eye opener.  I found Karlo’s passion for the subject matter a true breath of fresh air and very contagious – it sparked my own passion for the subject.  His knowledge of the topics was as expansive as the topics themselves.  As a history “buff,” I truly enjoyed Karlo’s presentation …

Karlo was spellbinding as young college minds heard for the first time the Truth about Who is the author of all that is. He spoke throughout in what writers describe as “active voice” never breaking thoughts and speaking clearly and masterfully on such a lofty subject matter. His cogent linear portrayals reveal this mastery.